Kira (xkirax) wrote in atomic_era,

welcome to the atomic era community. i apologize that there is no fancy layout.. i'm pretty much clueless when it comes to customizing livejournal. if anyone wants to make us a layout and pretty images, that would be great. the reason i made this community is because i have yet to find one on here that i feel features atomic era things. right now i am interested in mid century modern architecture and furniture. i live in orange county, california, and there are still plenty of 50's and 60's buildings around that are atomic-esque. i love driving by these places (mainly in north orange county, near disneyland), especially at night, when some of their neon signs are lit. one of my favorite places is the linbrook bowling alley, which is straight out of the late 50's. anyway, for now, please post whatever you want in here.. we need some stuff to talk about.

again, if anyone can help out with a layout/images, please contact me. thanks!
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